Hello There

Well, I guess this is it….I’m a blogger.  Or, at least, I’m going to try to be.  We’ll see how it goes, eh?  I can’t guarantee I’ll update this every day, but I’ll try.  After all, I have 7.5 week old twins, so my time is limited.

Today the girls are being little angels.  Laurel is currently swinging away, while Ellie is wiggling around in her play gym.  It’s moments like these that make being a mom worthwhile.  I can almost forget how bad last night was…..almost.

We’re waiting for the Direct TV guy to come and install our new dish.  Chev and I haven’t had cable in three years, but now that I’m home all day with (let’s be honest) not very entertaining babies, I need something to watch.  Plus, Glee starts next week, and it’s not as easy to just go watch it next door like I used to.  Oh, and don’t forget college football.  We LOVE college football.  (Go Terps!  Go Ducks!)

I recieved a phone call from the cable guy a little while ago, telling me that he wouldn’t be here until 3-3:30pm.  Apparently, they forgot to tell him about us.  Now he has to go back to where ever they keep the equipment, and get everything he needs before he can come over.  Either people forget about us a lot, or they are all just very unimaginative liars.  Does anyone else get told frequently that they were forgotten?  Maybe it’s just us.


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