College football

Blame Chev.  It’s all her fault.  Until I met her, I had never watched a single college football game in my life.  Now, I’m a little obsessed.  Not wearing-a-lucky-jersey obsessed, or anything.  But I do love it.  My favorite teams are the Maryland Terrapins and the Oregon Ducks.  (Because I like teams with funny names.)  Of course, I also love Penn State, but I have to….otherwise I’d have to move.

So it’s the first Saturday that we have Direct TV, and suddenly we can watch ALL of the games.  Even the ones no one cares about, with teams like Hawaii.  Plus, there is a button on my remote that brings up a score card for EVERY sporting event that’s on.  (Not that I care who’s winning at baseball or soccer, but it’s still really freaking cool.)  I’m in football overload.  I don’t know what to watch.  I have too many options.  It’s wonderful.

I pointed out that I am a Maryland fan, right?  It’s a shame they suck so badly.  I love the Terps, but seriously, they are one of the worst teams ever.  West Virginia is handing them their asses on a plate.  It’s pathetic.  Thank god Oregon is a good team.  I’ve got my hopes pinned on them for this evening.  I would hate for both my team to get creamed.

The girls are enjoying their first day of football.  Laurel has on her onesie with the lion cub and goal posts.  Sort of like a generic Penn State onesie.  Ellie doesn’t have a college onesie….yet.  I’m sure she will soon.  They are loving this.  Mostly because they are getting held all day, but I think they also enjoy watching me freak out at the TV.  (And man, do I freak out.)


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