Starting back up

I started this blog months ago, wrote a couple times, and then stopped.  Now I’m going to try to start back up again.  Wish me luck.   I’m not good at following through.  Ask my mother.  Or the three colleges I attended, none of which I graduated from.

So…quick life update.  The girls are getting huge.  They are 10.5 months old.  Laurel is almost walking, which is terrifying, since she seems to have inherited my lack of coordination.  Ellie is now able to sit up for a fairly long amount of time before faceplanting, so that’s an improvement.  She is also feeding tube free!

We bought a house, and moved in a little over a week ago.  We are never going to get unpacked, however.  Seriously.  Ten years from now we’ll still be digging through boxes, looking for the damn scissors.  The house an old brick house with a few quirks, but we love it.  Piper loves the yard, and the cats are very happy with the increase in windowsills.   It’s nice not to live in my parent’s back yard, though I do miss being able to run over for celery whenever I forget to buy it.

That’s pretty much our lives in a nutshell.  Not too exciting, but it keeps us busy.  I’ll be posting more interesting things later, I promise.  🙂



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