Let me tell you about my morning…

Ellie woke up at 4am, 5am, 5:30am, and 6am (which is when I gave up hoping she’d go back to sleep and got up.)  I’m sick, so I got Nan to change and entertain the babies while I went downstairs to let the dog out and make formula.

I walk into the kitchen and….

Flying ants EVERYWHERE.  On the floor, on the counter, in the sink, climbing the walls, crawling across the windowsills, zipping through the air.  Everywhere.

I look in the closet, and we have no ant spray, of course, so I grab the Clorox spray.  Very soon our kitchen was dripping with bleach, but the ants were dead.

Or were they?

The little bastards just kept coming.

I did eventually find where they were coming from, and with the amount of bleach I sprayed in the hole I’ll be amazed if anything can ever pass that way again without meeting an untimely death.  So, for now, the problem is solved, but I’ll definitely be buying some ant traps and spray to prevent future attacks.

I then had to deal with the carnage that was strewn across my kitchen floor, so I got out the vacuum and started to suck the ants up.  Then I figured I’d tackle the cat fur that Kerowyn had coated our dining room carpet in while rolling around, howling out her passion.  (Did I mention she’s in heat?  It’s like demonic possession, but funnier.)

This is when I discovered that Laurel does not like the vacuum very much.  She was in her highchair, and everything was fine until the vacuum touched her toys.  The look on her face and the scream she let out showed quite clearly that she did not want the loud, glowing monster to eat her toys.  By the way, Laurel knows the word “NO!” now.  Who knew?



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