The Plague

Nothing like a family-wide cold to start the summer off right.  It started with me, then Nan, then Laurel, and now Ellie.  We are living in the land of Snot.  I never knew how much goo could come out of a single baby’s nose!  It’s incredible.  I don’t know where it comes from.  And now that they both have it… wow, just wow.

Laurel sneezed yesterday, then started crying.  I looked at her, and there she stood, with the biggest snot bubbles coming out of her nose.  It’s amazing that she didn’t float away, that’s how big they were.  Its hard to wipe a screaming child’s face while laughing hysterically, by the way.  Sorry, Laurel, but you’re lucky I didn’t take a picture as well.  (Momma loves you!)

Ellie has greeted being sick the same way she greets everything…with a smile on her face.  I’m telling you, if I could bottle that girl’s disposition, I’d be a billionaire.  She is just a little ball of sunshine.  Snot covered sunshine, but sunshine none the less.  Leave it to Ellie to make being sick look like fun.  Snot bubbles?  Pop!  Pop!  Pop!  Sneezing is funny, especially followed by a raspberry!  She’s just the happiest baby in the world.

I’m starting to feel better, so hopefully in a few days we’ll all be plague-free.  Until then, visit at your own risk!


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