Feelin’ Funky

weekly writing assignment…  How do/did you get out of a funk or rut?

How do I get out of a funk or rut?  Hmm…… That’s a tougher question than it looks like.

If we’re talking about writing, I just don’t write when I’m in a rut.  There are no deadlines on a blog.  (Except my weekly assignments.  lol)  I just go about my life and wait for something to set my mind rocking.  Then I hope for a quiet moment to type it out.  Which I’m not getting right now, btw.  (Quiet, Ellie, Momma is writing!)

If the question is addressing a funk or rut in general life, I don’t really know how to answer.  I try not to get into funks.  I’m a mom of twins.  I don’t have time for it.  I can’t wander around with storm clouds surrounding me, unless I want the rain to fall on my girls as well.  Because the old saying holds true.  If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  My bad mood rubs off on them, and then we’re all miserable.

Sometimes, I do get down, of course.  There are days when the girls won’t nap, so they cry.  All. Day. Long.  Or I’m sick.  Or I’m tired.  Or everything is just not going my way.  We all have days like that.

That is were Chev comes in.  She is my rock.  She knows when to listen, when to fix, and when to take the babies for a drive so I can calm the hell down.  She takes my abuse, standing quietly while I curse at her for things that are either a) not her fault, or b) completely blown out of proportion.  She holds me when I cry and makes me laugh when I really need it.

I’d credit Chev for stopping my funks before they start.  We have become a fairly well-oiled machine over the years.  We have a routine that keeps us both sane and funk-free.  Having the girls has strained us at times, be we have gotten very good at juggling.  Because there are some balls you just can’t afford to drop.


3 thoughts on “Feelin’ Funky

  1. It is so nice to have a partner that complements you! It is a gift for us to have such good helpful so’s and you are super lucky to have a rock! My dh is a good helper when its needed, but he needs to be told what to do… *eye roll* like after 10 months its not pretty routine by now right? lol

    • lol. You’d think, but there are times I still need to remind Chev to do things. Like, don’t leave Ellie in her bouncer all morning. I know she’s happy there, but she needs to have tummy time. *eyeroll*

  2. Aww, admit it, this is pretty sweet 😉 Having someone there to pull you up out of your rut (or take your abuse while you’re in it) is so important. Glad you have each other!

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