How to Cook Like a Mom

Welcome to my first blog series!

I’ve noticed that some (ok, a lot) of my mom friends struggle with what to make for dinner every night. Some don’t know how to cook at all. Some have basic cooking skills but have no ideas. Some have lots of ideas but no clue how to make them happen. I’m going to try to help!

This is not going to be a meal plan, because really, who actually follows those? I want to show you how to put meals together so that you can make your own choices. I’ll teach you which herbs and spices go with which proteins, but its is up to you to find out which ones you like. Same with sauces and veggies. Try them out, and if you hate them change them! Cooking it the most adaptable art in the world.

I should warn you, I will NOT be teaching you how to make gourmet meals. If you want to cook like Julia, this is not the blog for you. I may, at some point, do a more advanced cooking series, but for now…..let’s just focus on getting something decent on the table on a Wednesday evening.


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