Twoddler Oddities

Odd things the twins have done this week:

Laurel has learned that her finger fits up her nose.  She has been excavating the booger cave ever since.

Ellie has taught herself how to “side-wind” to get where she wants.  It goes like this:  Sit up, stretch out in the direction you want to go until you’re laying down, sit back up, reevaluate your direction, stretch out in that direction until you’re laying down, sit back up, repeat.  You’d think she’s just learn to crawl.  It would have to be easier.

Clothing hangers are NOT strong enough to hold up a 14 month old.  And it hurts when they snap in your hands.

Laurel, our little nudist, has learned that clothing keeps you warm, and that when you have taken off your clothing you get cold.  Being cold makes toddlers sad.

Ellie has learned to touch a picture of her sippy cup to ask for milk during meals.  This is much more effective than screaming randomly.

Clothing hangers do NOT fit through the baby gate.  They get caught.  Screaming about this gets no result.

The dog really likes when you rub her belly.

The dog does NOT like when you whack her with clothing hangers.

If you whack the dog with clothing hangers, Momma takes the hangers away.

The kitties do NOT appreciate being pounced upon the same way the dog does.

Biting Momma causes her to make a funny noise, but then she puts you down and refuses to hold you for a long time.  Not being held makes toddlers sad.

Giving Elmo a bath is NOT as fun as Laurel thought it would be.  He just sinks to the bottom, and then he’s all squishy, and Momma takes him away for a long time.

Tupperware is fun to play with!  Tupperware lives in the corner cabinet.  The corner cabinet spins!

Diapers make great hats, airplanes, doll blankets, and are just generally fun to pull out of the case and throw all over the dining room.




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