I feel a great and deep sadness over what has happened in Boston this past week.  So much so, that I’m blogging again for the first time in over a year.

I am sad for the victims of the bombs, of course.  We all mourn with their families, particularly with the parents of the little boy who was killed.  I am a parent and I can not imagine the crushing anguish of losing a child in any way, let alone in an act of terror.

I am sad for the people who rushed to the scene of the bombings, for they will never again be able to erase those memories.  It will be a long time until they can close their eyes and see anything except the horrors of that day.

I am sad for the family and friends of the security guard who was killed by the bombers after they were identified.  And for those who loved the police officer who was critically injured in the line of duty during the first shoot-out, when the older bomber died.

I am sad for the EMTs, nurses, doctors, orderlies, and other hospital workers who had to try to patch the victims of the bombings back together.  And even more so for those who had to break bad news to patients and families.  I’m sorry, we had to amputate.  I’m sorry, you will never walk on your own two limbs again, let alone run another marathon.

I am sad for the people of Boston and the surrounding areas, who stayed locked in their homes in fear while the manhunt occurred.  How do you explain to your children that they can’t go outside and play because there might be bad men out there who will kill them?  How do you take the nightmares away?

I am also sad for the bombers.  How do two young men become killers?  They younger was described as happy, normal, grateful to live in this country by his high school friends.  How does so much change in a year or two?  What causes a child to begin to hate, and to hate so much that killing becomes a viable option?  I am not angry at these young men, like so many are.  My heart weeps for the loss of their childhood joys, their innocence.  They have a mother, far away in Russia, who will never see her boys again.  And for what?  Was is a religious act?  A misguided translation of an Islamic text, used to incite fear and rage?  Was there a trauma in their lives that flipped a switch deep inside of them that made them turn against the world in general?  And what can we do to stop it from happening again?  What can we do prevent the change from happy youths to young men who kill?

I am sad for the people of Chechnya and the followers of Islam.  Because mass media is already blaming you, connecting you, making you all evil terrorists in the populous’ eyes.  Even though most Islamic people are full of peace and love, this will once again taint them.  Even though most people in America have never heard of Chechnya, people will say that they always knew that bad things would come from there.

I am sad for the world tonight.


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