Why is my daughter crying?

April 045I don’t know how many of you have seen the excellent Tumbler page called “Reasons my Son is Crying,”  (http://reasonsmysoniscrying.tumblr.com/) but it is hysterical.  I highly recommend it for anyone who has a toddler.  In honor of that page, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the reasons my daughter, Laurel) has cried today.

Because she woke up and she couldn’t find her sippy cup, which she was laying on.

I changed her diaper.

Ellie was watching Monsters, Inc. and not Oliver and Company.

She was hungry, but didn’t want to tell me what she wanted to eat, and I couldn’t read her mind.

I didn’t put the milk in her cereal fast enough.

The piece of cereal that she was dangling above the dog’s face slid out of her fingers and the dog ate it.

Piper was looking at her while she ate. (Presumably waiting for Laurel to drop more food into her waiting mouth.)

She didn’t get the right color gummy vitamin.

I brushed her teeth and forgot to let her brush them as well, before taking her out of her high chair.

I wouldn’t play Monsters, Inc two times in a row.

Her firetruck wouldn’t light up when she flipped the switch.

I took too long trying to pry the battery compartment of her fire truck open.

I took too long replacing the batteries of her fire truck.

The fire truck’s lights came on, and she was not the one to make that happen.

Ellie touched the fire truck.

She wanted to go outside.

She didn’t want to put on her clothing, shoes, or coat.

I changed her diaper.

The colored pencils wouldn’t stand up on their points when she let go of them.

Ellie touched the colored pencils.

I told her she couldn’t draw on the walls.

I offered her some lovely, blank paper to draw on….but it was the wrong color.

The sun was too bright, coming in the window.

I closed the window shade.

She was hungry.

I was too slow, cutting up her fruit for lunch.

I cut up her fruit.

I didn’t pull her chair out far enough for her to climb into it all by herself.

I pulled her chair out so she could climb into it.

I gave Ellie her lunch before I gave Laurel hers (because Ellie was already in her chair.)

I turned the TV off, and she couldn’t watch any more movies, even though she wasn’t watching it anyway.

I changed her diaper.

I turned on Pandora’s Toddler station.

I turned off Pandora’s Toddler station.

I took Ellie upstairs for a nap, and she wanted to come upstairs too.  But not to nap.

She was SO SLEEPY.

I suggested she go to sleep.

Her banana broke when I opened it.

While she was crying about the broken banana, she flailed it right into Piper’s mouth.  Who ate it.

We are out of bananas.

I won’t drive to the store to buy more bananas.

I forgot to take the stem off of her apple.

I ran out of lives in my game, so she couldn’t watch my awesome candy crushing skills anymore.

I had to scoot her out of my lap, because Ellie woke up.

Ellie touched her.

Ellie got the first cracker out of the box.

I tried to give her a broken cracker.

I changed her diaper.

Piper ate the cracker she held out to her.

Piper was watching her eat.

I scolded her for kicking Piper.

She broke her cracker.

I wouldn’t let her cut the avocado for dinner.

I wouldn’t let her touch a hot pan.

The food processor scares her ears.

Chev came home and Ellie got a hug before she did.

The spaghetti was covered in green stuff.

She doesn’t like green stuff.

I gave her plain pasta, instead.

She didn’t have green stuff, like Sissy!

She needed more milk.

I made her eat two bites of food.

Chev didn’t get her out of her chair fast enough.

She was still hungry.

I wouldn’t let her sit in my lap while I ate.

She still doesn’t like green stuff.

Chev changed her diaper.

We watched The Lorax, and not Brave, after dinner because it was Ellie’s turn to pick.

Ellie didn’t get sprinkles in her ice cream (because she doesn’t like them this week.)

The Lorax was over and we wouldn’t play it again.

It was time for bed.

She wasn’t sleepy.

I changed her diaper.

We read her favorite book, but forgot to make the sound effects.

She wasn’t slee……   snore.


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