Conversations with Laurel

Laurel: Momma, I want a goat.
Me: We don’t have room for a goat.
Laurel: No, Momma, a brown goat.
Me: The color of the goat is irrelevant. We can’t get a goat.
Laurel: No, Momma! We have the goats already.
Me: Pretty sure I would have noticed that.
Laurel: Momma, I wants a goat!
Me: Where do you think I’m going to find a goat?
Laurel: In da freezer.
Me: ….. Laurel, there are no goats in the freezer. Trust me.
Laurel: YES THERE IS GOATS IN FREEZER! Mommy gave me a goat.
Me: Baby, really, there are no goats in there, look. *I open the freezer.*
Laurel: THERE! In da bag! Brown and white goats!
Me: You mean the peanut butter cows?
Laurel: Yes. Cows. Dat what I say.
I don't own this picture.  Please don't sue me.

I don’t own this picture. Please don’t sue me.

Laurel: Momma, I wanna watch the slug movie.
Me: Um….what?
Laurel: Da slug movie! With the boogers and the ugly doggy.
Me: Um….what?
Laurel: DA SLUG MOVIE! The big girl gets small and she rides on the bird with the boy and the boogers chase them and the slugs make the flower save everyone.
Me: *Holding up the case* This one? Epic?
Laurel. YES, Momma!! You no speak my language.

You are right there, kiddo, but I’m learning.

August 026

Laurel’s story of Cinderbeauty:
Once there was a girl with chores. She had mousey friends and birdie friends. She liked to sing. There was a mean cat, and mean big girls. That nice lady came and made her a princess, and she danced with a boy. Then there was a spinning wheel and she fell asleep. The boy fought a dragon, and found Cinerwella’s shoe. Then they kissed and the mousies were happy.

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