Its a Snot-Covered World in the Autumn

The past two weeks have been…interesting.  Why, you ask?  Let me tell you.

1- I had a hysterectomy.  Ouch.

2- The girls caught a nasty head cold.

3- In the middle of a sleepless, snot-filled night some guy ran into my parked minivan.  BOOM!

Picture 060

4- In the process of running to see what made such a loud boom, I fell down the stairs.  So much for being mostly healed from my surgery.

5- Even though we have really good insurance, which covers a rental car while our van is in the shop, we couldn’t get one because Chev never got her picture taken for her new drivers license.  This has now been rectified, but it made SO much more hassle than it should have.

6- Have I mentioned that our other car has been broken for a while, and is sitting at my parents’ house until we can afford to fix it.  (So…forever.)

7- My grandmother fell through a door and broke her wrist, so my mom couldn’t come and help me out with the girls this week.  I’m flying solo a bit sooner than I should be.  But you should see how proud my Mimi is of her hot pink cast!


8- Yesterday was Chev and my tenth anniversary.  I over-cooked the roast beef, and make the most repulsive cake ever made.  Seriously, it has no redeeming qualities.  I’m a really good baker, but this was my first try at a gluten free chocolate cake.  Of course, Chev is allergic to tapioca, which is one of the main ingredients in most GF flours.  So I had to modify the recipe.  And I didn’t have enough powdered sugar, so I tried to make some out of regular sugar, but my food processor wasn’t strong enough.  The result was a cake that had a sort of….slippery texture, covered in gritty frosting.  Yum.  Nothing says I love you like a truly repulsive cake.

9- Did I point out that I’ve been stuck in the house with two snot monsters for over a week?  I’m going to have to disinfect the entire house.  Do they make Lysol-bombs, like flea-bombs?  They should.

Well, that’s my past two weeks!  How have you been doing lately?


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