Let it Go, Folks


The Frozen Trinity

The Frozen Trinity

During the past few weeks, I’ve noticed an increasing number of FB posts from my friends who are parents of young girls, looking for the dresses and dolls from the movie “Frozen.” Over the past few days, the posts have become down right desperate. People are getting crazy about finding this stuff. Anyone who does find a store that actually has dolls or dresses left is buying them all, to resell to friends in other areas. Not to make a profit, but just to share their luck. (Mostly.)

$1,000 on Ebay, and this sucker could be yours.

$1,000 on Ebay, and this sucker could be yours.

And the whole situation leaves me somewhat mind-boggled. Most of these kids are the same age as mine: three and a half. How badly do they really need this stuff, that you are stressing out this much about finding it? It’s just STUFF. More stuff to fill your house, which most of you have complained about being too cluttered already.

Seriously, why are you making yourself crazy about this? What will happen if little Jenny wakes up on Easter morning and “all” the Bunny brought her is a basket full of candy, bubbles, toys, books, DVDs, and whatever other nonsense you put in there? (And please, don’t get me started on the crazy amount of stuff kids get in their Easter baskets.) Do you really think that she’s going to be scared in some way by NOT getting Elsa and Anna dolls, dresses, stuffed animals, and accessories? She’s THREE. She’s going to stuff her face full of Peeps, spill bubble stuff on the living room floor, and spend the rest of the morning playing with the plastic eggs.

Ok, I admit, these are really cute.

Ok, I admit, these are really cute.

I know that some of you are sitting there, thinking, “But I want to get it for her, because it’s special and I know she’ll love it!” Bull. It’s not special if ever other kid is getting it. It is mass-produced crap that Disney is hoping will instill a deep sense of commercialism in our kids.  And yeah, she’ll love it. Of course she will. But you know what? If you don’t get it for her, SHE WILL NEVER KNOW. Because she’s three. Unless you have made some big deal about finding this stuff for her, she’ll never know that she is missing it.

Usually frozen eggs explode.  These just sparkle.

Usually frozen eggs explode. These just sparkle.

Our kids are still little. They don’t have peer pressure yet to get the newest, coolest toy.  At this age, they are just as happy playing Elsa by wearing a piece of blue cloth like a cape and a pair of your old gloves, pulled up to their elbows.  So stop making yourself crazy.  There will be plenty of time for that later.  Save crazy for the day that they are old enough for their first cell phone, or their first car.  Then, by all means, stress out.  But for now?

Just…. Let it Go.



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