Happy Mothers’ Day!

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Mothers’ Day is upon us.  A lot of companies use this time of year to peddle everything from cards to jewelry to chocolate.  While jewelry and chocolate are always welcome, they really aren’t on the top of my list of things I want for Mothers’ Day.  What do I want?  I’m glad you asked.

1.  I want to drive to and from a wedding in Maryland this weekend without anyone vomiting or pooping in the car, church, or restaurant.  I realize this is a tall order, since Laurel has inherited my car-sickness gene and Ellie’s GI doctor has us feeding her gluten for the next month.  But it would be so nice not to have clean up someone else’ digested food on the side of I-95.

2.  I want Ellie to sleep through the night.  Just one night.  That’s all I’m asking.  She is three and a half and she has never slept through the night.  Which means I’ve been exhausted since she was born.

3.  I want Laurel to stop yelling.  I realize that in order for this to happen, that I probably have to stop yelling as well.  So if anyone has a magic want that can grant both of us more patience, spread some of that good stuff our way.

4.  I want Ellie to talk.  I want to hear my little girl say “Momma, I love you.”  I want her to be able to tell me what is wrong when she is crying.  I want her to be able to tell me what hurts when she is sick.  I just want to hear her sweet little voice.

5.  I want people to be nicer to each other.  There is so much negativity our there.  I want people to stop glaring at each other and try smiling instead.  Stop over-thinking things and say hi to each other.

6.  I want people to lend a hand.  If you see a small child running for the doorway at Target, grab the kid before they hit the parking lot.  Their mom will thank you.  If you see someone struggling with their grocery bags, grab a bag and help them out.  If you see a mom trying to control three kids in the check-out line, distract them for her.  Talk to them, smile at them, ask them what they did today.  That little distraction can keep them from a complete melt-down, and the entire store will thank you for that.  If you know that one of your friends is having a rough time financially, and you can help them out, do so.  An extra twenty bucks may not seem like a lot to you, but to a family who is struggling it can mean the difference between their kids having food until payday or being hungry.

7.  I want my dog to stop being an asshole.

8.  I want the car-thing that the Cat in the Hat uses to put the house back in order at the end of the book.  How cool would that be?

9.  I want people to stop using the words “retarded” and “gay” to describe things that they don’t like.  The English language is full of words.  Pick another one.  Don’t be a dick.

10.  I want the girls to forget that Frozen exists.  Just for a few days.  Because no, I don’t want to build a freaking snowman.

That’s about it.  What is on your list?


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