I was told today that my little girl
should be in a regular kindergarten class.
That she is bright and social and
understands the world around her.
And it turned my world upside down.
Because up until now
I never thought she would be able to do that.
I assumed that when the school told me
she needed to be in a special room
with special teachers,
that they knew what they were talking about.
After all, they are the experts.
They did the tests,
the evaluations,
the observations.
Why would they tell me that she should
be kept away from her peers,
if that isn’t what she needed?
It has been thirty years
since I started kindergarten.
A lot has changed since then.
But it seems that not enough has
Why are schools still pushing
to segregate our children?
Is it because it is easier?
Is it because they don’t want
to try?
Have they lost sight of why
they started working at a school
to begin with?
Didn’t they want to help kids?
Isn’t that why they applied,
long ago?
Then WHY are they trying
to put my baby girl in a room
where she will not reach her
full potential?
Is it the cost?
How much does having
an aide in the room cost?
Does it cost more
than my daughter’s
Does it cost more
than her dreams?
My girl is bright.
She is the sun that shines down,
casting light into the darkest hearts.
Would you dim that light
to save yourself the hassle
of including her?

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