Getting to Know Us

I guess I should give you some background information, since you may not know me.  My name is Morgan.  I live in Allentown, Pa with my partner of almost ten years, Chev.  On July 26, 2010 we became the proud mothers of two beautiful baby girls, Eleanor and Laurel.  We also have one dog (Piper), and two cats (Mysty and Kerowyn).

March 017Laurel is your typical, crazy three year old.  She likes to color, scream, play with her toys, scream, dig in the garden, and scream.

March 002Ellie is our little ray of sunshine.  She has Down syndrome, and proves the stereotype about loving everyone.  She has no qualms about hugging every single person she meets, whether they like it or not.

drchevChev works at a college, in a job she’s not overly fond of.  But it pays the bills and has great health insurance.

I’m a stay at home mom most of the time, but I do work every other weekend, answering phones at a real estate agency.

April 027Piper is a Cocker Spaniel who is allergic to pretty much everything.  Seriously.  She should live in a bubble.

mystyMysty is a sweet little black cat with no tail.

keroKerowyn is a large, fat bit of calico evil.

That pretty much sums us up!

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